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GMU 41 Drinker

On January 29th, 2023, the largest water catchment constructed in the desert southwest was completed in GMU 41. Volunteers from Yuma Valley Rod & Gun Club (YVRGC), Yuma Proving Ground (YPG) along with Arizona Game & Fish Region 4 (R4) staff spent 3 days installing 44 lengths of 24” diameter pvc pipe, drinker and collection points.  The work began with excavation of the trench for all the pvc piping, a wheeled excavator was driven 30 miles to the project site. After completing the dig and leveling the trench, installation of the pvc piping began.  3-1/2 hours later, all 44 sections of the 22’ long pvc were installed! 

By the end of day 2, all the piping was installed, manifold completed and the drinker positioned and anchored.  Crews wrapped up the project Saturday completing construction of the collection points and finalizing installation of the drinker. The catchment is capable of storing 28,000 gallons of water.

Scotts Leadwell

This project is a rehabilitation of an old cattle tank north of Quartzsite Arizona. YVRGC, R4 staff and volunteers from a local off-highway group in Quartzsite came together to complete the project February 17th-19th.  While the YVRGC and R4 staff excavated the trench and installed the 20 sections of 24“ pvc piping, the OHV volunteers worked on construction of the collection points for the drinker.  The project wrapped up Saturday with completion of the drinker and collection points.  A large portion of this project was sponsored by the local OHV group and Yamaha Motorsports.  This proved to be an excellent partnership of conservationist, industry and enthusiast working together for the betterment of wildlife.